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Hey, it's CSI. You know the drill. A crime has been committed. Someone has died. And stuff. So, let's begin. It's December 27th, 2017. The place - Gotham City. Time - late afternoon around 5 PM. Mr. Lloyd Page is lounging in his office, and starting up the first season of Black Mirror. The rest of the office is wrapping up their work for the day. Mr. Crane, recently released after his term of 7 years was reduced to 5 years for good behavior. As the first episode reaches its terrifying conclusion, Mr. Crane bursts through the door wielding a crowbar and, screaming obscenities, attempts to swing at Mr. Page. Mr. Page, in a daze due to the events of both the Black Mirror episode and this man bursting into his office, is frozen for a second, but quickly recovers and calls the security. Mr. Crane is cornered, incapacitated with a taser, and taken to the police station along with Mr. Page. After statements are recorded, Mr. Crane is escorted to the holding cell and Mr. Page is dropped off at home. The State files a case of attempted murder. The final hearing is scheduled for 23rd January 2018. Fast forward to the day of the case. The state provides Mr. Page with Mr. Carson as the public prosecutor, and Mr. Crane appoints Mr. Sal Maroni as his defense attorney. Mr. Sal Maroni is one of the best in the business with an astonishingly high success rate, a by-product of his charm and sharp intellect. As usual, this appears to be a case that Mr. Carson will lose, but at the last moment he brings in a surprise witness that destroys Mr. Maroni's case. Giving almost assured victory to Mr. Carson. But Mr. Carson never gets to deliver his closing remarks. He slumps over and falls unconscious at the beginning of his closing. By the time the paramedics arrive, he is declared dead. The trial is suspended till further notice, and the courtroom is blocked off as a crime scene. Interrogations of the judge (Mr. Rory), the defense attorney (Mr. Sal Maroni), the defendant (Mr. Crane), and Mr. Page are conducted, along with the defendant's wife (Mrs. Cassie O'Malley) and best friend (Basil Day). So far, the police have been unable to solve the death of Mr. Carson. By browsing around, you will find the transcripts of the interrogations recorded for Mr. Carson's death and all the relevant documents. Will you be the one to crack the case? Let's find out.
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Sal Maroni
Defense Attorney
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Pamela Isley
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Lloyd Page
CEO of Ace Chemicals
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Cassie O'Malley
Wife of Jonathan
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Arnold Lynns
Court Guard
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Rory Hagen
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Jonathan Crane
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Basil Day
Friend of Jonathan
Here are some documents you might need to solve the case. You have the transcript of the court case during which Ted died and the recordings found on his audio recorder.
If you were able to solve the case, send your theory with detailed reasons and observations for arriving at it in a .pdf file to csi8.solvethecrime@gmail.com. And to make your entry valid, don't forget to add your Name,College, and Inquivesta ID to the pdf.

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